About Lou Rossi

Lou Rossi is a retired Law Enforcement Professional. During his career, he saw firsthand the injustices of the Criminal Justice System both in terms of arrests and sentencing. With over 1.8 Million people incarcerated in the United States, Black and brown people dominate these figures. Even with the reduction in incarceration due to Covid -19, these staggering numbers signify a much larger problem that gets kicked down the road by politicians in both parties.

When these people are released from Prison, they have little chance to get meaningful employment or lead productive lives. Under these circumstances, survival is impossible, so people often return to criminal activity. The effects of this system on minority populations are unmistakably targeted. The harm to families is almost impossible to calculate.

Lou Rossi’s biggest wish for his writing is to challenge us all to dig deeper and continue to learn about race, bigotry, homophobia and any other prejudices both known and unknown, while not forgetting a population abandoned in Prison with no hope for the future.

Lou Rossi